The use of cloud systems requires defining strategies for continuous review and validation of the system, focusing on the updates that are made as established by the cloud provider’s calendar.

In religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, a mantra is a phrase, word or syllable that is recited so that oneself can relax. In CSV Experts we have adopted this term to give the name of the solution to one of the last headaches of the pharmaceutical industry: to keep TraceLink™ validated.

TraceLink™ is a level 4 serialization system in the cloud (SaaS) widely used for pharmaceutical manufacturers and CMO. This is upgraded constantly, which leads to a continuous obsolescence of its validation status.


In order to respond to recurrent validation needs for cloud systems, CSV Experts offers you the ManTra service: continuous validation for TraceLink™ consecutive version releases. This includes:


Procedure stablishing the strategy and methodology to assess and validate version upgrades.


Documentation including the assessment and the activities needed in order to validate every version upgrade.


Formal closure of version releases validation.

All this is gathered up in a repository where subscribers will have controlled access, and which ensures:

  • User-friendliness
  • Enviroment suitability
    •    Personnel is trained in service management
    •    Logila security is verified
    •    Confidentiality
  • To be informed of all changed and updates

If you have joined to cloud community and its benefits, why don’t you join the revolution for its validation?


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