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Ambit BST through experience, adaptability, trust and balance provides solutions that help businesses to grow and develop.

We believe in versatility, which enables us to deliver and execute solutions through a team that is capable of designing, implementing and maintaining systems and processes efficiently.



Ambit BST

Our value solutions are reinforced by a global and integrated vision to combine capabilities in delivering services and in implementing projects with support and proximity to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Solutions



Increase efficiency in the day-to-day operations of IT through innovating technology with a high quality service design


IT Services

Our technical team provides support day after day to find efficiency in repetitive processes through a value proposition based on outsourcing, so that you can focus on your business’ core functions.



Strategic approach to add value to the business through solutions that properly combine People, Processes and Technology.



Cybersecurity is an essential component for all types of organisations, we adopt an approach where data and resources must be protected by definition.

Life Science Solutions

GxPharma Cloud

A solution that will help the regulated sector tackle the challenges of digital transformation with ease and control under the principles of availability, security and compliance.

GxP Expert Team

Our expert team in regulations and technology bridges the gap between compliance standardisation and agile IT innovation.

Operation and Ongoing Qualification

Operational management and ongoing qualification of cloud services under our quality system maintains regulatory compliance monitoring and control with minimum effort.

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