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Digital solutions from the user environment to the data center

We were founded in 2003 with the aim of accompanying our clients towards business success. We adapt value chains with a focus on service delivery as a facilitating lever in digital transformation.

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Our values


People first

We strengthen people’s cohesion, job satisfaction, well-being and growth as a pillar of our raison d'être.



The framework of our actions. Excelling and engagement based on the responsibility of quality improvement.



A basic value that has helped us to become established. We evolve promptly and swiftly, being proactive in a changing environment providing the best strategic or business solution.



Our essence. We emphasise a high degree of commitment, establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships to increase the ability to create value.

Azure DevOps Basic Tutorial

At Ambit we help with digital transformation. This is why we offer you this basic Azure DevOps tutorial.

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Cloud Computing: Cómo dar un salto seguro a las ventajas de los servicios en la nube

El cloud computing está siendo uno de los saltos tecnológicos más interesantes e importantes de los últimos años.

¿La Metodología Agile es válida para cualquier empresa?

Seguro que has escuchado hablar de la metodología Agile y posiblemente en algún momento has estado inmerso en su concepción o desarrollo. Pero para muchos trabajadores o directivos, la metodología Agile es algo que suena distante o, incluso, desconocido, como el Lean Management.

Plan de contingencia, ¿Tu empresa pasa el checklist clave?

La seguridad total y la ausencia de riesgos absoluta no existe y no es bueno creer que podemos tenerlo todo previsto.

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We Attract Talent

We are constantly growing, that is why we do not stop looking for new talent to join our team.

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