Talent Acquisition Management

We are experts in recruiting Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance & IT Life Science profiles

Our selection department focuses on talent selection consultancy both in the Headhunting and Outsourcing modalities, where we are specialists.

Through this service, we increase the value of your company by helping you in the search and evaluation of great professionals. We attract good people with good practices and a selection methodology based on treatment excellence.

WE like to see your company grow up!


Trust and Know-how


  • We are your trusted partner on and we believe in your company brand.
  • We know the skills of the person you are looking for and we know where to find them
  • We map out the market very well
  • With a very competitive fee and adapted to your needs.
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Closeness and Alliance


  • We will be your strategic allies.
  • You will reduce costs and save time in selection.
  • We will find the best and most sought after profile so that your team is a success.
  • Regular follow-up meetings.
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Download the portfolio where we tell you everything about it.

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