Ambit BST presents itself as a digital services company, specializing in infrastructure, from the user environment to the data center. We help with the digital transformation of businesses as a vector for growth and development, reducing the technological complexity of information systems and simplifying their use for users.

We design, implement and maintain innovative infrastructures thanks to a range of global services: consultancy and engineering, projects and integration, outsourcing, cloud services and security.



Ambit BST

The scope of Ambit BST's valuable solutions is grouped into two large sections that largely concentrate on activities and functions of internal IT units, these being managing technological projects and recurrent operations for service delivery.

Project Management Office



Increase efficiency in the day-to-day operations of IT through innovating technology with a high quality service design


Life Sciences Industries

A specific proposal to meet the requirements of the life sciences industry within the framework of the GxP standards.



Strategic approach to add value to the business through solutions that properly combine People, Processes and Technology.



Cybersecurity is an essential component for all types of organisations, we adopt an approach where data and resources must be protected by definition.

Service Management Office

Service Delivery

The delivery of Ambit BST IT services is available for companies seeking to reduce costs in the execution of recurring and tedious tasks, creating an opportunity to take advantage of the internal resources of the IT organisation in order to carry out tasks related to innovation and the generation of added value to the business.


Information Technology Quality Service Management focuses on the practical application of specific areas of best practice IT management.

Knowledge Management

Ambit BST understands Knowledge Management as the discipline whose aim is to capture, store, update and disseminate all the "know-how" of a company. Therefore, we base our service on the ITIL V3 Knowledge Management System (SKMS) with the aim of providing effective and useful information, knowledge and wisdom for business users and IT departments who have to make important decisions.

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