Life Science

Transversal services with local and international scope

Since 2003 our challenges are framed in covering transversal services with local and international scope, highlighting our specialization in innovative IT services for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our team of consultants, amongst which you will find pioneers in this sector in Spain, offer a personalized focus which is aligned with the perspectives of each client and each of their projects, going beyond the simple fulfillment of applicable regulations in every case. This adaptive vision of GxP forms part of our company´s DNA and is just one aspect of our expertise that our clients have come to value.

Our Life Science services


GMP, GCP,GLP and GDP Consultancy

We help you to gain the strategic perspective to help you fulfill your regulatory needs and we´ll be at your side in the event of an inspection or audit.



The regulation of Medical Devices and Health Products enforces thouroughness in the application of the regulations and the generation of supporting documentation.



The validation of computer systems, considered as a medical device or management software, is an industrial necessity and an area of principal interest during inspections and audits.



We are a company closely linked to the health sector. Living and breathing technology in highly regulated environments for over 15 years has allowed us to create solutions inspired by the experience of all our clients.

La solución cloud para entornos regulados

Las soluciones cloud no resuelven actualmente los exigentes requisitos regulatorios de los entornos GxP. Con el fin de cubrir esta carencia tan específica del sector salud, la industria farmacéutica y de productos sanitarios a un coste controlado, nace GxPharma Cloud®.

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Talent Acquisition Management

En Ambit BST somos expertos en la captación de perfiles IT, GxP, QA y Medical Devices. Incrementamos el valor de tu empresa ayudándote en la búsqueda y evaluación de grandes profesionales.


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