At Ambit BST we are experts in audits and security plans to protect your company's information and data at all times, as required by the Security Master Plan. We cover everything from consulting to the implementation of solutions 24/7. We offer audit and strategic consulting services, product implementation, management and operational support, as well as awareness-raising plans.


Security consulting and auditing

We perform a security health check on information systems to analyse the level of exposure to possible attacks, configuration weaknesses or vulnerabilities on servers and IT services.

This service is based on:

Advanced data protection and diagnostics
Risk exposure
GAP Analysis
Comprehensive solution for employee awareness

Intelligence Solutions

We provide preventive and response solutions to cyber-threats created by the digitization of companies, recommending solutions for each need.
Among the main response and prevention techniques we offer at Ambit BST, we highlight: comprehensive data monitoring, account misuse, information threats and risk management associated with computer-based systems.

What we do:

Cybersecurity monitoring
SIEM and log correlation
Behavioural analysis
Vulnerability management

Connectivity solutions

We specialize in network protection, web security, targeted attack detection, physical security, and unified cloud management. We offer you optimal connectivity for data to flow smoothly between different systems and applications, thus achieving fast and secure access.

How we do it:

Perimeter protection
Navigation control
Intrusion Prevention
Network access control

Systems solutions

We help you to detect and prevent violations of corporate policies in the use, storage and transmission of sensitive data. We implement appropriate security measures to protect your networks and systems, regardless of the type of configuration you use.

What we do:

Prevention of information leakage
Data Centre and Cloud Operation
Application security
Database security


We guarantee to detect security incidents and contain incidents in endpoints based on terminal analysis or remediation. Our endpoints protection offering is centrally managed using industry-leading technologies to address the broad spectrum of threats, from zero-day exploits to advanced targeted attacks and on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

What else do we do:

Advanced Threat Control (IoT)
Application Review
Secure use of mobile devices

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