We propose a comprehensive approach, as a provider of IT services, that ensures the adoption of ITSM & ITOM solutions for your organisation to take advantage of technology and information on the road to Digital Transformation.

Process consulting and auditing

We properly combine People, Processes and Technology to connect the business strategy with IT, minimizing the impact on business processes, maximizing efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership.


Where we step in:

Process analysis
Process modelling and mapping
Best Practices ITSM Application
GAP Analysis
Relational business processes
Process integration and training

ITSM & ITOM Solutions

Together with our team of consultants, we cultivate strategic alliances accompanying organisations to adopt good service management practices according to their level of IT maturity. With ITSM & ITOM solutions you will reduce complexity, improve integration and response times, optimize systems and applications promoting the productivity of your company.

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What we do:

Advice and provision of ITSM & ITOM platforms
Proof of concept (PoC)
Custom deployment and configuration
Integration with third-party tools
Evolutionary ITSM & ITOM
Support, administration, operation and maintenance

Software Asset Management (SAM)

With software asset management, you can manage the physical, financial, and contractual lifecycle of your company's software resources. With this process you can gain timely and cost-effective business insights to better manage and control the business and operational aspects of IT.

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Manage and optimize:

Software asset management includes the management and optimization of the purchase, implementation, maintenance, use, and removal of software applications within an organisation.


The software asset management solution can help you simplify the cost equation and complexity associated with software resource management so you can spend less time on routine operations and more time on adding value to your business.

Save costs:

You will save because you only pay for specific needs. You will optimize your business because you will always know what assets you have and where. You will control risks and you will speed up decision making by improving the software life cycle.

What we offer:

Compliance assessment
Services managed by SAM
Cloud Economics Assessment

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