Animal Data Source

The forefather automated sellout app for the veterinary industry

Animal Data Source is agile, efficient, versatile, and intuitive, allowing manufacturers to have real time and homogenized data over sales and stock levels between distributors and manufacturers.
The manufacturer will see, through dashboards, how, when and where their products are sold, being able to obtain valuable information for their business strategy. Eventhough the distributor can add their sales data in a simple way with the guarantees that these are correct. All functions this in compliance with the Correspondence Law.

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Our pioneering SaaS Software platform is aimed at collecting sales and product stock data between manufacturers' distributors (sellout).
This solution automates and digitizes data transmission processes between partners to deliver real-time and homogenized data.


Significantly reduces timing


Error alerting and correction


Extracts homogeneous information


Improve your business strategy


Get real-time data



All data is represented by very clear graphics of the main KPIs in real time. In this way, easily you will be able to see the most relevant information for the strategy of your business.

Customers can access the portal and upload sales and/or stock data using a template with basic data such as date, code and product name and units. It will be enough to select the provider and the date of the data to upload, once the quality of the data is validated, the provider can consult them in real time


Animal Data Source, is capable of checking the data entered through a series of parameters to guarantee their quality and notifies the Distributor of errors, if any. In addition, the correction can be done in real time through the form itself, improving efficiency and reducing delivery times.


The Animal Data Source platform has a dashboard with key indicators and historical graphs on product sales, this information facilitates daily monitoring of the sellout process and allows decisions to be made based on objective data

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Webinar Animal Data Source

The Ambit BST's team has created Animal Data Source. A solution that automates the process of collecting data on sales and stock of products between distributors and manufacturers (sellout).



We believe in versatility, which enables us to deliver and execute solutions through a team that is capable of designing, implementing and maintaining systems and processes efficiently, this is why we create AmbitOS.
Animal data Source integrates perfectly with this service to offer a complete answer to the needs of your business

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