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We keep your cloud systems validated so that you can optimize your time and resources on other tasks. ManVa is in charge of maintaining the validation status of different SaaS systems such as Tracelink, eCTD, Pharmacovigilance, Training, among others.

Unknown number of releases

Continuous evaluation and validation

Unreported changes

Dedicated staff

The challenge of obsolescence

The use of cloud systems requires the definition of continuous review and validation strategies, focusing on the software updates made by the cloud provider according to its release schedule. These updates imply a constant change of the system, which leads to a continuous obsolescence of the validation state. ManVa avoids these situations by notifying its users thanks to constant monitoring.

Key points

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Procedure stablishing the strategy and methodology to assess and validate version upgrades.

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Evaluation documents and definition of activities necessary to validate each update.

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Electronic execution of defined validation tests and delivery of documented evidence.

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Formal closure of version releases validation.

If you have joined to cloud community and its benefits, why don’t you join the revolution for its validation?

ManVa is located in our electronic validation system, Digital Validation, where service subscribers will have controlled access.



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